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About me

       Michelle Rose is a freelance photographer and filmmaker. She earned her B.A. in film studies from the University of Californa, Santa Barbara.  She has experience in various facets of film production working on major film, television, commercial, and music video sets as an actress, stunt woman, director, producer, writer, and editor. She established La Gringa Productions in 2012 as the creative force behind The Michelle Show, writing, directing, editing, and producing the sketch comedy web series along with various other short films and parodies. The Michelle Show garnered awards for Best Editing and the Audience Choice Award at the 2015 Austin Web Fest.  Michelle has always had a love of photography, from portraits to landscapes and everything in between.  After all, there is beauty all around.  Why limit yourself to one subject!  However, her experience as an actress specifically, gives her an edge in understanding industry standards regarding headshot photography.  She loves capturing faces and knows the essence of that person/character has to shine through in order to stand out on the casting desk. 

       Michelle loves all things art and is thrilled to call her hobby her career. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Michelle Rose


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